Post Sexual Assault and the Benefit of Victim Impact Statements 

Rania M M Watts The main emotions that were exhibited throughout the victim impact statement contained a mixed grab bag.  There was: anger, resentment, frustration, induced strength, an understanding of enough is enough and that people who have hurt others need to atone for their crimes.  As I was listening to the victim impact statement, it was completelyContinue reading “Post Sexual Assault and the Benefit of Victim Impact Statements “

Discrimination based on colour

By: Rania M M Watts  “The link between racial discrimination and violence against Indigenous women has not yet been adequately acknowledged or addressed, and the victims of this violence are all too often forgotten.” (Amnesty International, 2004)   The reality is that when a white woman goes missing the media coverage is plastered via every single avenueContinue reading “Discrimination based on colour”

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